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If you have Scouting equipment or other items that don't fit, you don't use/want anymore, or just want to get rid of; especially boots, shoes, uniforms that don't fit anymore etc.  Have them posted here for others in the troop to try out. 


E-Mail submissions to the Troop Web Master

Uniform Items

ALL scouts should have a clean well maintained uniform!



Boots are the single most important piece of hiking eqipment you NEED to Have!! If your boots don't fit properly, your feet will suffer!



A good Sleeping Bag is the difference between a warm night and a cold night.


Back Packs

Of course you need something to hold your ten essentials and other equipment. A good, well fitted pack makes the difference between a good hike and a GREAT Hike! Remember back packs are like boots, (you wear them) a good fit makes all the difference.

  • Hydration capable day pack free to interested user, you will need to provide a bladder though.  Contact Terry Downing.

General Camping Equpiment